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Securing WindowsMS Windows is the #1 Desktop Operating System in the World and as such is the biggest target for hackers, who now include government three letter agencies like the NSA.

Microsoft, MS Windows, Skype, etc, have had numerous reputable sources report that Microsoft has provided access to backdoors to the NSA and other government agencies to spy on you, and even listen and decrypt your Skype Voice and Video calls.

The information we set forth in this section will do nothing to protect you from backdoors, BIOS, Flash Memory and Hardware Spying applications. And there are even a few Rootkits that cannot be discovered as yet.

However, we do believe that for the vast number of users, following the steps we outline here will make their computers significantly safer.

Legal Notice

We do not accept, nor have we received, any compensation from any companies associated with the following  products. We may  have used these products at various times and have researched them by reading various reviewers who claim to have tested them, who we believe credible. There is certainly no guarantee expressed or implied as to their fitness or capabilities for any particular purpose. The following services are simply our opinion and if you decide to use any of these opinions, you do so solely at your own risk.

Please note that the scans can take from one hour to a day or two on large systems.


1) Make sure your anti virus software is up to date.

2) Make sure MS Windows is up to date. (Run “Windows Update” from the Start Menu)


3) Run a full security scan of your computer using your anti-virus software.

4) Download (Free) and install the Microsoft Security Scanner and run it.

5) Download (Free) and install the Sophos Rootkit Removal Tool and run it.

6) Download (Free) and install the Botnet Malware Scanner and run it.


7) Download (Free) and install Zemana AntiLogger and run it.

8) Download (Free) and install ZoneAlarm Firewall and install it. Optionally run the full virus scan.


If your scans were clean, or if infections were found and they were successfully removed, and you have successfully installed the AntiLogger software and ZoneAlarm Firewall, you can be reasonably sure that your computer is far safer than it was before completing the above steps.

You should also do your own research on comparable products that you may feel would exceed the products in this list or be better suited to your needs.

Please remember that BIOS, Flash Memory and Hardware-based Spyware have not been checked by the above products.

Next: Ground Zero describes how to secure your system if you’ve already been hacked and how to prevent future security breaches.

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