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You have several options in setting up a new online identity:

  • Do it yourself from scratch, downloading all of the needed software listed in the security guide and found from your own research, configuring it correctly then, most importantly, using it correctly.
  • Download the Freedom Drive stack and install it on your own drive, create your encryption keys and add them to email, messaging, voice and video. Create your new identity and sign up for any required online accounts (VPN, email, sip, etc.). Optionally, you can get the stack pre-installed (not pre-configured) on a USB Flash Drive. Order Here | More Info.
  • Purchase a package of pre-configured security software that is set up for you with the process automated so that when you want to be anonymous, nothing will be left to chance. We have created a VM (virtual machine) on a USB flash drive pre-configured with everything you need for a secure environment and new online identity. Read more on theĀ  Freedom Drive.

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