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Once you’ve secured your starting point at Ground Zero, and have established a secure Internet Connection, there are precautions to take while using the Internet. 

  • Anonymous Browsers: TorBrowser and JonDoFox are browsers that are pre-configured to provide anonymous, secure web browsing. The TorBorwser is used in conjunction with its Tor network connection (Vidalia) and for ease of use, these are offered together in the TorBrowser bundle. JonDoFox is a profile for the Firefox browser that optimizes security and anonymization. It can be used with its own proxy tool, JonDo or with the Tor Onion Router.
  • Anonymous Search: StartPage and DuckDuckGo are anonymous search engines. They collect none of your information like search results or your IP address. They pass your search anonymously, to Google for StartPage and to various search engines for DuckDuckGo, and even add some of their own results. An added benefit to anonymous searches is you avoid the “filter bubble” in that your search results are not filtered based on any user profile, so you’re shown the same search results as any other user.
  • Encrypted Email: Thunderbird is a free, open source email client that can be installed on Windows, Apple or Linux systems. Enigmail is an extension that can be installed in Thunderbird which allows PGP signing, encryption and decryption.
  • Anonymous, encrypted texting: TorChat is an instant messaging client that uses Tor hidden services as its network to communicate encrypted, anonymized, peer-to-peer text messages.
  • Encrypted Voip (Voice over IP): after Microsoft bought Skype and patented “Legal Intercept“, good encrypted Voip alternatives have been gaining interest. Jitsi is in the forefront offering instant messaging and encrypted Voip phone calls. It works for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Encrypt your data: with all the security concerns coming out regarding your online privacy, users are rethinking cloud data storage. Whether you decide to keep your data on your own hard drives or store it in the clouds, it should always be encrypted. TrueCrypt is free open source encryption software that will run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It has got great features like encrypting your entire drive partition, and an undetectable false bottom which can only be accessed by a second password.

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