Why a New Identity?

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Why a new identity? Since you care about your privacy, it’s important to realize that “they” have already caught you in their net. Trying to regain the privacy of your old identity is like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. We need two online identities, our old one and an entirely new one with no connection to the old. The new identity is the one you set up in your secure environment.

Your old identity is kept outside of your secure environment and is used for activities where you don’t care about your privacy. For example, you probably don’t care who knows what you buy on Amazon.com. And the “buying experience” is more enjoyable when the vendors know who you are so they can make buying suggestions and keep your credit card information on file. Also, you don’t want to entirely erase your old identity because that would send up a red flag and invite more scrutiny of your online comings and goings.

Your new identity is for email, messaging, phone calls and any browsing you want kept private. And for any online purchases you want kept anonymous, there exists virtual currency, like Bitcoin.

The next section takes you through the process of setting up your new identity.

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